What is BEXAM?
BEXAM is a hybrid crypto exchange with native token, based on an innovative new consensus algorithm, Proof of Rounds (PoR), that aims to solve all delay, scalability, energy, and security concerns of existing exchanges by implementing elements from decentralized exchanges/blockchain into existing and proven basics from centralized systems
What makes BEXAM different from other exchanges?
BEXAM utilizes its own unique and original blockchain to be the only exchange platform that implements elements of decentralized exchanges with centralized by using blockchain. Unlike other exchange platforms, transactions and block appending is completed at 0.2 seconds. BEXAM aims to solve the problems seen in both systems, such as, scalability, energy, and security.
Who is Earlyworks?
Earlyworks is the brain behind the development of BEXAM. A development company based in Japan.
What is PoR?
Proof of Rounds (PoR) is the hybrid consensus algorithm used to run the BEXAM platform. It was developed by Japan based development company, Earlyworks. You can read more about it in our PoR White Paper.
How do I pre-register?
On the main page or at the top footer there is a “Sign Up” button you can click. Once you are taken to the registration page, follow the instructions to complete registration.
Is mining used in PoR?
PoR removes the need of nonces and mining, making the platform energy efficient.
How does the BXA token work?
BXA tokens have 4 different usages. It can be used for discounts on transactions, as a currency, to vote for implementation of new currencies. And to build Master and Super nodes. You can read more about these functions in our White Paper.
How much is the BXA token worth?
The BXA token is equivalent to 0.12 USD.
What is the hard cap and soft cap of BXA?
The soft cap is 2.8 million and the hard cap is 24 million.
Do you plan to add fiat currencies?
There are no current plans to add fiat currencies on the BEXAM platform. However, there are plans to add other crypto currencies.
What are the fees for using this platform?
The only fees in using the BEXAM platform are when exchanges are made. You can read more about our fees in our White Paper.
What currencies do you currently support?
Currently, BTC is the only currency available to exchange on the platform. More currencies are planned to be added on the platform in the near future.
Who can I send a referral to and how many can I send?
A referral could be sent to anyone with a working e-mail address. There is no limit to the amount of times you can send a referral.
I signed up for the ICO. When will my tokens be available?
Tokens will be available once the exchange opens.
When will the public sale begin?
Our public sale will begin September 1, 2018 until September 15, 2018.
How can I contact you?
You can get in touch with us by sending us a message by e-mail or by sending a message to our Telegram group.
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